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Who knew a tornado warning could teach such a big lesson?

 Don’t you just like the coincidences of life? I mean, who knew a tornado warning happened right when I was having trouble controlling my nerves and worrying all the time. Believe it or not, I am more than thankful that I got shocked to the bones this week because it really helped me get a better perspective of life, but how?

 It all started when my mom and I were cleaning the bathroom. I was feeling nervous for no real reason, it was becoming a habit, and it was costing me a lot in my life. Then my mom’s phone received an alert.  I went to go check out what it was, I was thinking it was just an amber alert like it always was, but it turned out to be a tornado warning. I was alarmed, I looked outside and there were light gray clouds, not big dark scary tornado looking clouds. No alarm from the city was sounding and it was rather peaceful. I was well aware that it was forecasted that it would rain today, but I didn’t expect a tornado to happen. Weird, I taught, so I put the phone down and told my mom it was a tornado warning and we resumed our cleaning.

  During the cleaning though, I could see the clouds outside get darker and darker. When we were done, I went to my room and checked the Weather Channel to see if it was real. My eyes almost popped when I saw the warning, rotating clouds where moving northeast, toward our direction, and hard rain with hail was likewise possible, literally every grave thing was likely to befall. Trembling now, I wanted to run and hide, however since there was no local tornado siren, I calmed down a bit and opened my computer to work on my blog.

  A few minutes went by and I was just getting started, when the big moment came, the tornado siren sounded. Now my eyes were really ready to pop off my face, I looked like a surprised Pikachu at this point.

  Frightened and shocked, I disconnected the computer charger, grabbed my phone, rushed some shoes on, pulled a blanket from my closet, and ran straight to the bathroom. My brother was confused, he asked why an alarm was sounding. I told my brother to rush to the restroom and quickly grab a pillow and take cover. My mom, on the other hand, did not go with us and waited in her room. Worried that something were to happen to her I kept on trying to persuade her to get in, but there was no use. The siren was pressuring me more and more, I decided that it was better to keep at least me and my brother safe, so I got into the bathroom and closed the door. I ducked and exclaimed my brother to do the same, worrying about my mom who was in grave danger outside the door. As my brother repeated question after question, like how long it was going to last, all I did was stare down at my phone, looking at the warnings displayed in front of me.

  After five minutes or so, my mom tried opening up the door. I got up, shaking still, and quickly opened the door. Expecting a different reaction, my mom was not happy. She saw the mess I had done in the bathroom and my brother freaked out as I was. My mom made me pick up the mess, but with the terrified look on my face, I refused. She meant it, so I put the stuff back as fast as I could so I can rush and take cover again. The rain was hard and the lightning was fierce, all I could think that my mom was out of her head. I felt like I was doing the right thing, they have taught me to do so at school. My mom was just inexperienced and didn’t know what she is doing, or so I taught.

  My mom grabbed a flashlight and a chair and sat with us in the bathroom. My brother was soaked in tears and I could tell he was in utter shock just as I was. Disappointed at me, my mom hugged my brother and calmed him down, telling him that it was going to be ok. While I was imagining every possible worst-case scenario, my mom told me that, while getting protected and safe was important, it is best to stay calm and calm others as well during emergencies. Worrying only created more trauma, thus making the situation worse. I taught she was crazy at this point, didn’t she know there was a chance of a tornado hitting the ground?

  Thirty or so minutes went by and the rain finally stopped, nothing happened and the sun was shining once again, what a relief. My mother and brother got out of the bathroom and proceeded with their tasks, while I stood a few minutes in the bathtub thinking about what just happened. After deep thought, I figured that my mom was right, I really did take things too far. I apologized for my childish actions and it was all settled afterward.

  All in all, it turns out that we always tend to imagine the worst case scenario, which most likely won’t occur. It happens with everything, our work, our grades, our relationships, you name it. Even though no tornado hit, it taught me an important lesson; Its always better to stay calm, whatever is going to happen is going to happen and there is no point in worrying about things you cannot control. Sorry, my brother for frightening you and thank God there was no tornado and for the valuable lesson I learned. I notice that I am calmer now, I will now take into consideration my actions when dealing with emergencies in the future.

P.s: Just to let my nerdy self out, the Law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred. That explains a lot…

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